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Lab Technician

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Location  Dallas, NC

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The Lab Technician conducts tests on both raw materials and finished product, while working under the supervision of the Quality Manager.


  • Conduct tests based on defined test methods.
  • Documents and maintains records of all steps of the testing process.
  • Conducts statistical data analysis on test results.
  • Develops, maintains, and verifies finish product Data Sheets. Maintains version/revision history.
  • Conduct testing for verification and acceptance of raw materials. Has the authority and responsibility to determine if raw materials are suitable for use.
  • Conducts testing for verification of finished product to defined product specifications. Has the authority and the responsibility to release finished products to the customer.
  • Performs calibration of all test instrumentation and maintains calibration records.
  • Conducts data analysis of calibration.
  • Maintains all aspects of the test instrumentation and equipment.
  • Documentation is required for all aspects of the process from sample preparation. Data analysis of test results is required.
  • Maintains, stores, and catalogs all test sample “retains”, as required.
  • Maintains the safety, cleanliness, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Laboratory daily.
  • Make recommendations to supervisors and management based on test results and data analysis of test results regarding both raw material and finished product.
  • Maintain the laboratory for unannounced customers, management, and senior management tours.
  • Maintains all records of the laboratory required for internal, external and customer auditing.

How to convince us


  • Experience working with analytical scales, spectrometers, and impact strength machine; not required - preferred.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently, without daily supervision.
  • Ability to work with a sense of urgency.
  • Ability to interact with operators, supervisors, managers and large groups.
  • Ability to set testing priorities based on hourly and/or daily requirements.
  • Have organizational skills to maintain testing records.
  • Ability to effectively write and communicate laboratory testing results.
  • Have working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to conduct statistical analysis of test results, including charting, graphing and trend analysis.
  • Ability to analytically interpret and present results in a large group setting.


  • BA/BS in physical sciences: engineering and/or chemistry.
  • 3+ years prior laboratory experience
  • Experience in plastic testing preferred.
  • Working knowledge of defined Test Methods, such as ASTM, DIN/ISO
  • Working knowledge of plastic testing equipment
  • Working knowledge of safe laboratory practices

In the Industrial division, you will support customers with exceptional know-how in the plastics segment. Our plastics are used in almost every industry worldwide. And yet: Every industry has its own requirements for materials.

The Röchling Group has been shaping industry. Worldwide. For more than 200 years. We transform the lives of people every day with our customized plastics: they reduce the weight of cars, make medication packaging more secure and improve industrial applications. Our workforce of 11,737 people is located in the places where our customers are – in 92 locations in 25 countries.

Tiesha Vaughn
+1 704 884-3549

Roechling Industrial Gastonia, LP
903 Gastonia Technology Parkway
28034 Dallas, NC
United States

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