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Job and development opportunities: Röchling as employer

Röchling is everywhere

The Röchling Group has been shaping industry. Worldwide. For more than 200 years. We transform the lives of people every day with our customized plastics: they reduce the weight of cars, make medication packaging more secure and improve industrial applications. Our workforce of around 11,988 people is located in the places where our customers are – in more than 90 locations in 25 countries. The Group’s three divisions generated joint annual sales of 2.723 million euros in 2023.

The Automotive division advances mobility. Our product solutions in the areas of aerodynamics, propulsion and structural lightweight help solve major challenges. We protect the environment while also improving the driving experience.

The Industrial division is the expert for optimal materials for every use. We develop and supply individual products made of plastic for all industrial areas. This is why we have the broadest product range of thermoplastics and composite materials. We supply our customers with semi-finished products or machined components.

The Medical division is the reliable partner to leading global companies when it comes to the components, services and smart plastic products that are needed in the healthcare industry. We develop solutions in the fields of diagnostics, fluid management, pharma as well as surgery and interventional.

Plastic is the material of the future

Our world without plastic is now unthinkable: Drinking a coffee, cleaning your contact lenses, going to the playground, jumping into the pool, driving the car, boarding the train, taking a trip. No matter what part of life, Röchling is always there. Röchling began processing plastics nearly 100 years ago. Since then, this material has been a mainstay in the company’s history and of mankind. 

There is no other material that can be modified in so many of its properties, including the mechanical properties, insulation, surface structure, and many more. Plastics therefore have a lot of positives to contribute to the discussion about energy, saving resources, and climate protection, as the reduction of emissions, energy, or weight are crucial factors. Thus, our high-performance plastics make an active contribution to environmental protection.

Working in a Global Family Business

At our 90 locations worldwide, every employee experiences a different facet of Röchling. The bond within the company is felt at each one of our Röchling locations – thanks to the shared enthusiasm for the material, collaboration in international teams and Röchling’s long tradition. Anyone who starts working at Röchling wants to stay – and it has been that way for more than 200 years.

Röchling is pioneering

Our customers are at the core of our  attention. They are pioneers. We make sure it stays that way. Change, mobility, and progress are part of our DNA. Engineering plastics are the material of the future.  We are shaping the way there. Our new  perspective is called system thinking.

Röchling is excellent

Our lead is based on decades of experience  and curiosity about finding even better  solutions. “Made by Röchling” is a promise of quality. And premium is standard at Röchling.

Röchling is reliable

Family values mean something to us. That’s why we stand up for each other and are a reliable partner. We act responsibly and with a long-term perspective. We do not tinker  in secret. Personal customer contact is our strongest channel.


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Job and development opportunities: Röchling as employer