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    Planning, thinking, calculating, knowing. Testing, checking, securing, building. You can do a lot with us – in an internship, as a working student, , in a university cooperation program or as part of your thesis.

    Do you have an idea for a project? Tell us about it. You study a technical or business subject? Talk to us, and maybe your project idea won’t just be on paper for much longer, but in our production hall – with you.


    “As a working student at Röchling, I have the opportunity to gain valuable practicable experience alongside my master’s studies and to actively participate in projects. In this way I support my team in achieving their targets and at the same time work on my personal development.”

    Nina Kieser, Working Student


    Together we can put your theoretical knowledge directly into practice. After all, who can really imagine the Kanban system of the supply chain until he has seen the concrete implementation in his company? Or who knows whether an improvement idea can be implemented in practice until he tries it himself? To ensure that theory is no longer just a matter of memorized contexts, our offers provide the perfect combination of theory and practice for every student.

    We regularly advertise positions for working students of various subjects, for study-related internships, or for thesis placements. If no appropriate position is advertised right now, we of course also accept speculative applications, for example with an idea for a thesis.

    To make sure that we can examine the documents thoroughly, speculative applications should ideally reach us three to six months before the desired internship period. And then we will contact you – gladly and without fail!

    Interested in our cooperative education program at Kettering University? Click Here to learn more about our recent university cooperation.

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    If you haven't been able to find a suitable job opening, but would still like to apply, please send us your application using this contact form. We look forward to receiving your application and will reply as soon as possible.

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