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How can I apply?

You can apply directly to any advertised position. We welcome online applications or applications by e-mail. This allows us to process your documents as quickly as possible and is environmentally friendly.

The following documents are mandatory:

Please compile as many of the application documents as possible into one PDF file. Several free programs that can do this are available online. Ideally, your application should not exceed 5 MB.

Do you have any tips for my application documents?

Restrict your application to the relevant information. Attach credentials and certificates that show us that you are well qualified for the job. Refer to specific certificates or training, for example, in your cover letter. It may also be useful to refer to a significant period spent abroad if you are applying for an international position.

Also ensure that your documents are legible and do not contain any formatting or spelling errors. It makes a good overall impression if your documents are clearly structured.

What happens to my application?

The HR department reviews every application carefully and also involves the specialist department in the initial selection. If you have made us curious about you, we will invite you an interview. If this goes well, we will usually invite you to a second interview.

What happens at an interview?

If you have been invited to an interview, congratulations! This means primarily that we would like to get to know you better. You should always be prepared for the following questions:

At the interview, we will present the company to you and explain your future duties. Interviews usually take one to two hours. After a successful first interview, we will usually invite you to a second interview.

Can I prepare for an interview?

In preparation for the interview, we recommend that you take time to inform yourself about Röchling on our website. However, at the interview we will be interested mostly in your personality. We would like to get to know you and your personal history.

Bombard us with questions! Your own questions show us how much you have thought about the position. You are welcome to pose specific questions about your future tasks and opportunities for development. After all, you also want to get to know a potential employer.



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