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Health and Fitness

Health and prevention - What really counts

Our employees’ health is paramount: Be it illness, strain, or stress – they can come to us and we will seek solutions together. And we take preventative measures with prevention programs and occupational health management at many locations. For example, these include “everyday movement,” nutritional advice, back-strengthening exercises, and occupational health & safety programs. 

We are delighted that our commitment has already been recognized. For example, our Medical site in Neuhaus am Rennweg has received the “German Corporate Health Award” from the Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds (BKK).

Sports and fitness - Who is the fastest team?

It’s hard to say, because all of our teams are actually very passionate about their work. For this reason, we regular plan sports events at all locations, such as a company run. Or we participate in a regional forklift championship, because we are curious about new things even in sports. And this doesn’t require everyone to be on the track or the field: Being there to cheer can be just as thrilling.

With our Röchling Sports Club, we actively support our employees’ sports clubs that have been founded at various locations – soccer, volleyball, biking, and many other sports are available. We are recognizable thanks to our Röchling T-shirts, available to anyone who likes to exercise.

Team and activities - Making work fun

Eating, bowling, climbing, or visiting interesting locations in the region together – employees get to know one another better through various activities. They put their team spirit to the test on a high-rope course. They rediscover their surroundings on a trip in a historical streetcar. Or open the spring season with a planting day. The same rule applies for all activities: New ideas are always welcome.

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